12 years of Public in Private

The year 2020 marks 12 years of Public in Private. When planning this publication, we couldn’t have imagined how pivotal this year would be for society. The corona pandemic has had and continues to have a huge impact on our lives, bringing about many negative but also positive and necessary changes to the way we live and work. The time of slowed-down activities that the pandemic incurred capacitated us to reflect on our artistic past and to look towards the future and to what this future may hold. This document brings together and makes visible our two different artistic universes, which we have been developing over the past 12 years. As collaboration lies at the core of Public in Private, we decided to construct this publication in a co- llaborative spirit. Our works are not only presented here through our own words, but also through the views of our collaborators, offered singularly or in dialogue.

Public in Private company was founded in 2008 in Berlin by Clément Layes and Jasna L. Vinovrški. Its goal is to broaden up the boarders of choreographic language, intriguing different thinking, perceiving and reflecting about own and about other medias. The most relevant aim however is, a further development of choreography as contemporary art form. The two artists are until today developing separate choreographic signatures, but in the close artistic support to each other. Their main working space is Studio Public in Private, which is situated in the Atelierhouse Flutgraben in Berlin.